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Quite frankly, it was the little things that set "Starsky and Hutch" apart from just about every television show before or since. That was due, in large part, to the principals. Hell, they even reloaded their guns and used the washroom. What a concept! Deciding to leave in scenes that depicted everyday life, made Starsky and Hutch real, relatable... human. It was genius!

Like Starsky getting his gun caught in theatre drapery or sitting in a chair that wasn't there. Or Hutch making sure he punched the red line on a phone, or tripping over a bump in the sidewalk, or walking into a closed, glass door. Scenes like those were not integral to the plot, but it was those small details that illustrated everyday life. When Starsky drove down a one way street in error, Hutch commented frantically... "You didn't see the arrow?" The response. "I didn't even see the Indians." Classic! Why keep that scene? Because it depicted two people who made mistakes, just like the rest of us.

So, here are more trivial points for your enjoyment... things sure have changed since the 70's.


• No bottled water... in the 70's – water coolers or the tap.

• No cell phones... in the 70's – pay phones, land lines or walkie talkies.

• No personal computers or Blackberrys... in the 70's – typewriters and notepads.

• No CDs, DVDs or itunes... in the 70's – reel-to-reel tapes, 8-Tracks or vinyl.

• No internet.... in the 70's – yellow pages, books... hard copies all the way

• No Starbucks... in the 70's – coffee came from a pot, vending machine or thermos.

• No Wii... in the 70's – they played Pong, Monopoly, Chess, Checkers, Darts, Billiards, Twister, Shuffle Board, Pinochle, Solitaire or Pinball.


There were lots of other "little tings" too, like ...

• Hutch used a pocket watch.

• Starsky had an on-going dysfunction with vending machines.

• Hutch chewed gum regularly... Starsky only four times.

• Starsky often read newspapers and magazines... Hutch – only when hospitalized.

The '64 JFK Half Dollar featured in the episode "Vendetta" now sells for around $3.95.
In "Savage Sunday", as Starsky is about to drive into a truck,
Hutch says: "Starsky! For Christ's Sake!" Oops.


The bad guys mostly drove Ford Mavericks, Brown 4-Door Torinos, Pintos and Grenadas.

Hutch's Pads

Hutch had two homes. In the first season, he lived in a small, one-bedroom bungalow on the Venice Beach Canals. It was a simple little place and besides "The Pits", was the main hangout for the characters. Definitely a bachelor pad, it actually had a motorcycle in the living room.

Hutch's next home, was the Venice Place Apartments. He occupied the flat on the second floor. It was laid out much the same as his bungalow, and it is here that his organic style shines. With a jungle of plants, orange carpet, mismatched chairs, piano, open kitchen, drift wood, antiques and stained glass, it all came together in all it's glorified Hutchiness. It also had a patio off the bedroom. The address for this little gem was 1027-1/2 Ocean. (From the "Little Girl Lost" episode.)



In the episode "Starsky's Lady" the boys attempt to set up a try-out with the CFL's B.C. Lions.

Starsky's Pads

Starsky had two homes as well. They were very similar in structure as both were flats over garages. The only difference was the first was painted white and the second was aux naturale wood.

The interiors of each apartment were quite different than the other as was Starsky's decorating style. The first pad was the epitome of 70's garb with a smattering of automobile chic. The place was decorated with prints of vintage cars, a mobile of wrenches, a working traffic light, a metal automotive inspired wall hanging, a barber pole and several posters including one for Speedo. But, it's the bedroom that really completes this picture. With a waterbed and mirrored ceiling, Starsky seemed to be quite the kinky Casanova.

The second flat, was a bit less flashy. It was a functional, open concept space that was decorated with serapes, large wicker chair, book shelves and hanging plants. Gone was the flamboyance of the hip bachelor cave of the previous place. The address for the first apartment was: 2000 Ridgeway Ave, B.C. 90023. (From the episode "Running".) According to the ZIP, that would put Starsky's home smack dab in the middle of East Los Angeles (Bay City).



In 95% of the episodes, Starsky and Hutch were shot at. Lots and lots of shooting.


Starsky's Wish List
In the episode "The Golden Angel", Starsky gets a letter from Block, Block, Harvey & Block
informing him he has inherited money from his uncle – a man worth $10 million. Starsky's first instinct?
Look through Ferrari, Cartier and Maserati brochures. You have to admit, the man had good taste.
Trouble is his inheritance only amounted to $224.98 ;-(
Office Space


Not only did Starsky and Hutch have two homes each, but they also had two offices as well. The first building was a glass structure and the second a more traditional stone building. The sight of either facade set the stage for so many wonderful scenes at the partner's desks, in the corridors or in Captain Dobey's office... of which he had two as well.



The Hawaiian Missionary Stamp featured in the episode "The Bait" has an estimated value of £450,000.00 unused; £225,000.00 used with only 15 known to exist.






• In the episode "The Las Vegas Strangler" the partners started with $200 and finished with $28,000. As Hutch so poignantly put it: "It's hard to loose it all at once."

• Starsky and Hutch, with there "friend" John Colby, were known as the Corsecan Brothers in the Academy.

• In the episode "The Las Vegas Strangler" the guys drove a '59 Edsel

• In the episode "The Groupie" Hutch divulges that his annual income was $22,000.



The 70's boasted a number of fads. Besides mood rings, lava lamps, happy faces, Peanuts cartoons and platform shoes was the Pet Rock – one of which Starsky bought from Huggy Bear in "The Committee."



• The name of the cruise ship in "Murder at Sea" was The Amopola.

• The name of the hotel Artie Sulkin called home in the episode "Vendetta" was The Hotel Bremen.

• Hutch's telephone extension was 338

• Hutch's blood type is B-

• Starsky and Hutch entered many a seedy club over the series including: Venus Message, The Jungle Club,
The Panama Club, The Slade Cave, The Play Pen Club, Paradise Message, Love Nest Adult Movie Theatre, The Green Parrot, Tramps, The Miramar Lounge, The Velvet Slide, The Cellar, Golden Lady Ballroom, Galaway X-Rated Theatre and Fever.


• The name of the boy's police dispatcher was "Mildred".

• "The Golden Angel" worked out at the 4th Street Gym.

• Whenever the script called for a woman screaming they used the same track of a woman screaming. It's the same scream every time.



In 95% of the episodes, Starsky and Hutch drank coffee. Lots and lots of coffee.



Starsky had a Playboy Magazine collection in the episode "Starsky and Hutch are Guilty." But, alas – it was stolen.


Starsky loved
Fats Domino.


Buddy Holly.


• Starsky's first word: "Beautiful!"

• Hutch's first words: "You're late."

• In the pilot, Starsky and Hutch had been working together for 3 years.

• In the pilot, Hutch's ex-wife's name was "Nancy", later "Vanessa".


When entering a dangerous situation, Hutch went high and Starsky went low.



• According to Hutch's ex-wife Vanessa, his favourite drink was vodka on the rocks with a twist and splash of tonic.


Starsky and Hutch had a Porky Pig piggy
bank on their shared office desk.







• In the episode "The Plague", Starsky reveals that he was in the army.

• In the episode "The Trap", Starsky talks about his Uncle Myron who died in the Battle of the Bulge and his Uncle Alphonse who had a model T.



A Tale of Two Dobeys

We all know that Captain Harold Dobey was played
by Bernie Hamilton in the series, but in the pilot Richard Ward played Dobey.



• In the episode "Losing Streak", the owner of the club is referred to as both Gill and Garth White.

• Somethin' don't add up. In the episode "Hutchinson: Murder One", Starsky has never met Hutch's ex-wife Vanessa. Yet, Starsky states that he and Hutch have been partners for 6 years. Then Hutch says that he hasn't seen his wife in 4 years, 6 months and 12 days. So, wouldn't Starsky have met Vanessa? Hmmm.

• In the episode "Targets Without a Badge Part I", Starsky and Hutch guard Rigger in an apartment above the "Woman's Guild Thrift Shop."



In the episode "Murder Ward", Hutch gives Starsky two books. "The Big Sleep" and "The Long Good-bye".



• Amboy's restaurant was called "Andrés".

• Hutch's license plate # was 552 L90 and OL8 MEL (In the pilot - 058 AZT).

• In the episode "The Avenger", the suspects name was Harry Ashford, but when Hutch asked the desk clerk about the man, he called him Harry Ashman.



Okay Starsk, the critter on the left is a chinchilla and the critter on the right is a guinea pig. Just sayin'. (From "Hutchinson: Murder One.")


• There is no doubt Hutch grew up in Duluth, Minnesota but there is some confusion as to where Starsky spent his childhood. In the episodes "Starsky's Brother", "Targets Without a Badge" and "The Set-Up", it is clear that he has ties to the east (NY), but in "Nightmare", Starsky talks about Uncle Elmo's toy store in Bay City that he frequented as a kid. Hmmmm.


In the episode "The Game", Starsky recruits two fellow police officers to set-up Hutch. They were Simmons and Babcock.


• Starsky's license plate # was 537 ONN (In the pilot - 849 ASB).

• The restaurant on the street level of Hutch's Venice Place apartment was called "Chez Helene".

• Hutch used a blender jug to water his plants.

This photo of Barbra Streisand from the movie "A Star Is Born" from 1976, hung behind the bar in The Pits.
Life is just a bowl of "Pits"
Huggy Bear enjoyed the life of a successful club owner in two locations. In between his stints as a restaurateur, he freelanced for awhile. Some of his money making schemes included a magic shop, selling necklaces on the street, and pet rocks just to name a few.
Bloody Fashion Statement
Hutch makes quite the fashion statement in the episode "Black and Blue". After he is shot, he spends
several days in hospital but decides to leave to rescue Starsky and his new partner. So, he puts on the
same gruesome, blood-stained clothes he was shot in. Thing is, everyone he comes in contact with
including Captain Dobey, staff at police headquarters and operators at the Allied Answering Service
don't seem to notice. Eeeooo!


In the episode "The Bait", Starsky and Hutch go under cover and trade in the Torino and LTD for a Rolls Royce Corniche Convertible circa 1970.


• Starsky's apartment number was 2480

• In the final episode "Sweet Revenge", Starsky is pronounced in a coma by the doctor.

• In the pilot, Hutch worked out at "Frankies Gym".






In the pilot episode, Larry Manetti of "Magnum P.I." played one of the murder victims. He owned the duplicate red, striped Torino.


• Police headquarters was located at 7th Street and 100 W.

• Kiko makes his first appearance in the episode "Running".

• Captain Dobey's children's names were Calvin Jr. and Rosie


In the pilot episode, "The Las Vegas Strangler", the above acts were playing while Starsky and Hutch were in town. Neil Sedaka, Gabe Kaplan, Shields and Yarnell and Tom Jones.





David Soul and Joan Blondell starred in David's first series "Here Comes the Brides" and are reunited in the episode "The Las Vegas Strangler."





Starsky and Hutch's pay check was a
whopping $224.98 in January of 1979.
Wow! Not much for all their pain and aggro.


Da Little

That Hurts!

Friends, Enemies,
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