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Who could forget the famous line... "I'M Starsky, HE'S Hutch!" It was uttered no less than 4 times in the pilot episode alone. After all, as Eddie the custodian said, "they did look an awful lot alike." ;-)

Working under cover, our dynamic duo played many characters with creative aliases but they were also called many other things as well. Here are some of their OTHER names...

David \ Davey \ Dave \ Sgt. David Starsky \ Starsk \ Little Davey

Hutchy \ Kenneth \ Ken \ Hutchinson Ken \ Sgt. Ken Hutchinson\ Dr. Hutchinson (never Kenny)

Rafferty (Starsky) & O'Brien (Hutch) - in "The Bait"

Handsome Hutch (By Sweet Alice in "A Coffin For Starsky")

Hot Shots

The Fuzz / Poe-lice / Cops / Police officers / Detectives / Pigs

Good cop (Hutch) - "Hutchinson: Murder One"

Gordo (Starsky) - "The Collector"


Mother Cabrini
in "Running"


Ed Day (Hutch) & Fred Night (Starsky) - "Murder on Voodoo Island"

Hack Tuppleman (Starsky) & Zack Shecky (Hutch) - "Murder at Sea"

Husky & Starch - "The Deadly Imposter"

Ramone (Starsky) and Charlie McCabe (Hutch) - "Tap Dancing Her Way Right Back Into Your Hearts"

Curly (Starsky)

Starpy and Hup - "The Bounty Hunter"

Blue eyes (Hutch)

Detectives Hutchinson and Starsky

The Two Centurians - "Starsky's Brother"

Eddie Carlyle (Hutch) - "90 lbs. of Trouble"


George Raft -
(Starsky) in "The Las Vegas Strangler"


Baby Blue (Hutch)

Teddy Bear (Starsky)

Turkey or Dumbie was a favorite

Cutie Pie / Sugar Plum (Starsky) - "The Omaha Tiger"

Us girls

Pal / Buddy / Partner

Henderson (Starsky mistaken as Hutch mistaken as Henderson) - "The Las Vegas Strangler"

Motor Mouth (Starsky) - "The Game"


Big, blonde, beauty


Blonde Blintz


Tall, blonde, genius

Goldie Locks

Golden Boy

Blonde Brother


Curly Top (Starsky)

Tough Monkey (Hutch) - "The Fix"

Buster Brown (Starsky)

Nice boys / Fine boys

Charlie (Starsky)

Honorary Soul Brothers - "The Set-Up"

Mr. Valentino (Starsky)


Stan & Ollie


Dah-link / Hooch (Hutch) - "A Body Worth Guarding"

Starevski (Starsky) - "A Body Worth Guarding"

Starkinson - "Bloodbath"

Scanlyn (Hutch) - "Survival"


Red (Starsky by ditzy girlfriend Nancy) - "Gillian"


Foxy (Starsky)

Detective Sergeant Ken Hutchinson (that's a mouthful)

Starchy (Starsky) - "The Velvet Jungle"



Charlie Chaplin


Funny Guy (Hutch)

The White Knight (Hutch) - "Bloodbath"

Bronco (Hutch) - "Starsky's Lady"

Nice guy (Starsky)

Fink (Starsky)

Spagetti & Meatballs

Whiz Kids

Lover boy (Starsky) - "Foxy Lady"

Your man/Buddy boy (Hutch) - "Sweet Revenge"


Holmes & Watson



Sarge (Hutch) - "Quadromania"

Young man (Hutch)

Wise Guys

Mr. Starky / Mr. Sparsky (Starsky) - "Partners"

The Singing Policeman (Hutch) - "Long Walk Down a Short Dirt Road"


The Dark (Starsky), The Light (Hutch)- "Murder on Voodoo Island"

Two-faced, loving, lying, hypocrite (Starsky about Starsky) - "I Love You Rosie Malone"

High Rollers / Jive chump (Starsky) / Big Spender (Starsky) - "The Action"


Mutt and Jeff - "The Heroes"


Rudy Skylar (Starsky) /Hansen (Hutch)- "Murder Ward"

Mac (Starsky)

You two mugs

Real heroes / Kings - "The Heroes"

Prune (Starsky) / Ace (Hutch) - "The Heavy Weight"

Hedonist (Starsky) - "A Body Worth Guarding"

Phony (Hutch) - "Partners"

Mr. Po-lease-man (Starsky) - "Huggy Can't Go Home"

Valentino/Sport/Sherlock (Starsky) - "Starsky vs Hutch"

Big, bruising shadow (Hutch) - "Starsky vs Hutch"


Dick Tracy in
"The Psychic"
and in
"Huggy Can't
Go Home."



Mr. Marlene (Hutch) and Mr. Tyrone (Starsky) - "Dandruff"

Mr. America (Hutch) - "The Trap"

Amigo (Hutch)

Starsky, old man

Creeps - "Little Girl Lost"

Nature boy / Nature lover (Hutch) - "Satan's Witches"

Dirty old man (Starsky) - "Hutchinson: Murder One"

Dirt ball (Starsky) - "Class In Crime"

Lonely Boy (Starsky) - "Quadromania"


Abott & Costello in "Discomania"


Mush Brain (Starsky) - "The Game"

Old Sport (Starsky) - "The Game"

C.W. Jackson - the hotest country picker this side of Bell County (Hutch) - "Moonshine"

Johnny Snowball (Starsky) - "Moonshine"

Putz (Starsky)

Turkey Buzzard and Chicken Little - "Cover Girl"

Mr. Renoldo (Starsky) and Jack Ives (Hutch) - "The Groupie"

Kid / Lou the Nose (Hutch) - "The Golden Angel"

A dimented sex feind (Starsky) - "90 lbs. of Trouble"

Ollie (Hutch) - "Pilot episode"



























Da Little

That Hurts!

Friends, Enemies,
Lovers & Informants

Glorious Food


What's In
A Name

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