So… lately I've found myself getting more riled up than usual. I’m not really sure why. Am I becoming more intolerant of just about everything as age creeps up to ravage my mind and body? Maybe. Don’t get me wrong. I’m only 55 1/2. I have a lot of life to live - all the more reason to start this blog. If anything, this venting will improve my mental health in getting masses amount of crap off my rather ample chest. Shit is starting to build up and it seems I can no longer use my television or dog as sounding boards as they have yet to engage in discussion.

As this is my first post, I will say there will be times of lightness and frivolity, but mostly I will be opining on things that I find disturbing, frustrating and down right obtuse. I should have no problem filling this page then. And, I will say, that some of the things I post will not be popular or in some cases somewhat offensive. But, to quote Ricki Gervias "Just because you're offended doesn't mean you are right". So, for better or worse, here goes…

Last night on "60 Minutes", Steve Kroft interviewed President Obama on the issues of dealing with ISIS. Fine. Interview away. But, when asked about the International coalition in aiding the effort to control the situation, Barack said, “not only do we have the backing of Arab states, but also the UK, France and Belgium”. BELGIUM!! Did he actually acknowledge Belgium? Really? Wow. Why does the U.S. refuse to recognize Canada as one of its allies? HELLO!! We’re right up here. We’ve been here for almost 150 years. Just look up. Canada was in the trenches in WWI too! Canada stormed the beaches at Normandy too! Canada was in Korea too! Canada was in Afghanistan too! Besides Viet Nam, we’ve always been there but yet, participation is ALWAYS overlooked.


Is it just little brother syndrome? Am I being too sensitive? Should we be glad that Canada is never blamed or credited with conflict? Will being forgotten provide us safety from terrorists both here and abroad? I just don’t know. What I do know though, is that Canadian soldiers bleed exactly the same blood as U.S. soldiers. They suffer the same PTSD. They deserve respect and acknowledgement. I just wish that for once, the U.S. had the decency to give credit where credit is due.

NOTE: While Stephen Harper has yet to sign on the dotted line, Canada will have some role in the ISIS defence effort.

Aaaaah, that feels better.

As always, your feedback is welcome… good or bad.