Graeme Box Lead Guitar /Vocals

Graeme returned to the commercial art world after The Last Words. He worked
in the art department for Bad Boy and then for Oshawa Foods. Like Bill, he too
gravitated toward the Audio Visual side of things, creating training videos and
organizing PA set-ups for Food City and IGA. Graeme and his wife Kris live
in Beamsville, Ontario.

Gra has three children, Frazer, Marijka and Daniel (an up and coming musician).
He has one grandchild – Owen.

All of The Last Words occasionally congregate in Graeme's basement studio to
play and record. He continues to write songs and play his myriad of guitars
including a vintage Fender Telecaster, Stratecaster and 12-string Gibson. He
also enjoys his 6-string Norman and a new member to the family – a wide
body Epiphone.

Graeme is also involved in the Fonthill Coffee House. Added to all this, Gra is
also a talented artist.